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Vine Earrings
Triple Hanging Earrings
Long Hanging Earrings
Open Oval Earrings
Long Hanging Triangle Earrings
Triple Stacked Earrings
Open Round Earrings
Hoop Earrings
Diamond Shaped Earrings with SE Top
Diamond Wave Earrings
Oval Earrings with SE Top
Palm Tree Earrings  Double Sided
Lotus Flower Earrings -  Double Sided
Tree of Life Earrings - Double Sided
Round Shiva's Eye with Dashed Lined Earrings
Round Shiva's Eye with Color Lined Earrings
Round Abalone Earrings SE Top
Triple Center Earrings
Wire Oval Earrings
Double Open Oval Earrings
Droplet Earrings
Tear Drop Earrings
Etched Flower Earrings
Shiva's Eye Earrings Double Sided
Pin Drop Earrings
Tennis Racket Earrings
Round with Color Center Earrings
Starfish Earrings
Sun Earrings
Butterfly Earrings
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Dragonfly Earrings
Whale Tail Earrings
Turtle Hanging Earrings
Crescent Moon Posts
Heart Posts (10mm)
Triangle Posts
44 results